Windows Azure, a new way of running business

Windows Azure
Windows Azure


What is WIndows Azure?

Network in Cloud
Azure is a platform in Cloud. Imaging your entire internal network moves to Cloud. All your servers, software, applications, development tools, everything running in the Cloud. Even your Desktops moving into Cloud, that is Azure. A Windows network platform Hosted by Microsoft.
Applications in Cloud
Once you have your internal network, setup in the Cloud, you can also install all your software and applications installed in your Cloud network. All you have to worry about is running your business. Because we will look after your Azure platform, you need no hardware or software to worry about maintenance or patching or upgrading. Everything will be done for you by us, by Microsoft. You always have the latest version of software and you don't need to worry about licensing and legalities involved.
Development in Cloud
Azure platform is the best place for software and web development as the tools are always the latest version, the testing environment will not effect your other running systems and the resilience and availability and security is guaranteed by Microsoft. What's more, your entire data now will stay in the borders of United Kingdom.