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Custom Built Servers
Some companies require a server with certain specification to handle special jobs. You will not be able to buy the exact server that you need from major brands unless you are prepared to pay an arm & a leg.
We have many years experience in building servers from scratch based on your requirements at a fraction a of a cost to those of famous brands. Of course the components we use are all from Intel and other world leaders, it is just you will not pay for features that you do not need. And in common with all server manufacturers you do get the usual warranty of service.
Proactive Monitoring
This would mean that we install a piece of software on your server which constantly monitors your server for hardware failure, over heating, bandwidth issues and a whole range of other features. These data is then relayed to our datacentre for monitoring. Should something to fail or about to fail we will be immediately notified and either tackle the problem remotely or send an engineer on site. No other information from your server is transmitted to us. This is to ensure the security and 24/7 functionality of your server.
Server from main Vendors
Having been in business for many years we have established a good working relationship with all major vendors. We can guarantee the price we quote you, you will not be able to get cheaper elsewhere.