Virus & Spam protection for your networkSecurity



World class trusted security
Through our partnership with ESET UK we are in position to offer the best security solution available designed for businesses. Despite other security solutions, ESET does not slow your system and it is truly a world class protection system. Office 365 does also provide some protection but it is limitted.
Your router provides some protection by providing an extra layer of firewall security, but it will have to be optimized. For a higher level of security and control we can implement a dedicated Firewall at the entrance of your network.  You can also control which sites your staff are allowed or not allowed to view from within dedicated Firewall.
Business grade security for your emails
Email filtering in Cloud is designed for businesses that house their own Exchange servers in their premises. There is no hardware or software to install. We will configure your mail system to divert your emails into Cloud based Email filtering before coming to you. Your emails arrive there first and will be filtered based on your instruction and known hazards. It works like a fence ring around your emails. Then emails are delivered to your systems as before.