What is managed cloud services?

 Managed Cloud Services

After the invention of computer and the internet, the benefit of this technology has become evident for everyone. Now almost no business can survive without using or working with computers in order to do their job. The trend in computing is moving fast and become more complex everyday. Businesses have two choice now, either become expert in computing technology themselves or leave the job to a trusted expert and just concentrate on their main business activity.

Computer services has become so vast and complicated that no business can afford to do everything itself. Cloud is a new way of using computing services which takes away the hassle of managing your IT infrastructure away from businesses.

Cloud means many connected servers in internet that offer many different services. A business can now use the same service in Cloud that they used to have within business premises without worrying about the cost of hardware, software and licenses and of course the maintenance issue. The benefits are:

Cloud Benefits
Lower cost
Better efficiencies
Enhanced mobility

Major public Cloud providers are:

For many people the concept of Cloud can be difficult to understand as what it is, what is available, how it works and how to set it up. In addition, after the setup how to maintain and managed it.

No business can survive without having a website. To have a website, you will need your business name to be registered in internet which is called "Domain". Then your website can be placed under that domain. In order to keep your domain and show your business online, you will need an account in a computer that is permanently on and connected to internet, this is called "Hosting".

Microsoft Office and many other applications, databases and indeed your entire network can also be hosted and setup in internet. This hosted services in internet has been given the name "CLOUD".

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