Hosted storage for small businesses

Server Storage
Storing your data on a server within your business premises...
NAS Storage
NAS Storage
Storing your data on a Networked box accessible by network users within your business premises...
Cloud Storage
Storage in Cloud

Storing your data in Cloud, far more secure and accessible, headache free.

Storing your data in Cloud, far more secure and accessible, headache free

Plan ahead before it is too late!

Cloud Data Storage
Storage & backup are two interchangeable terms. We highly recommend Cloud backup which offers much less cost and overhead. We manage the setup and maintenance for you, the file backup is done automatically and you do not need to keep an eye on it. Also do not worry about fire, flooding, theft of equipment and so on. Your data is safe and is stored within UK borders. They never leave UK mainland.
NAS Data Storage
Essentially it is a box with multiple hard disk in it which configured in a special manner so that if one hard drive fails, the next one will kick in giving you some level of protection. All network users can have access to it and even from outside business premises you can access your data. It is gradually becoming an obsolete technology.
Server based data storage
Old fashion way of keeping your data safe. However, it does requier some level of management and maintenance plus the initial cost of hardware and maintenance.

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