Cloud Desktop (DaaS)

 Virtual Desktop in the Cloud

What is desktop as a service?

With the new advancements in broadband technology and higher speed at much lower cost and the invention of Cloud, it is now possible to have your local customer being hosted in the Cloud (internet). Therefore, you can access your business Desktop from anywhere in the world which helps you to be mobile and more productive.
The question is now that if you move your desktop to Cloud, how you will be connecting to it? For this purpose, we use a small box called "Thin Client" which is effectively a small PC with nothing on it apart from a special software which allows you to connect to internet and your desktop. Of course you still need a monitor and keyboard & mouse. But the advantage is that you use less space on your desk plus less maintenance and depreciation of your computer equipment. Plus the benefit of accessing your business desktop from anywhere.
You don't have to pay for expensive hardware, software licenses and security software, everything will be taken care of by hosting company and we will manage it for you for a small fee.