Disaster Recovery for small businesses

 Disaster Recovery

plan before it hits you!

Disaster is when you loose your data due to hardware failure of your computer systems, or having fire or flooding in your premises or through theft. Can you afford it?

Any sensible business manager must think ahead and plan for situations like this. It may never happen, but what if it did! Loss of computer equipment and data in it can be the thin line between going down under or staying afloat.

Apart from having insurance for your premises and the equipment there is nothing else to protect your data, customer details, old invoices, list of customers who owe you or customers that you serve. When disaster strikes we can get the hardware out and transfer your data into another system, but this is not guaranteed and not always possible. That is why we recommend a complete and full backup plan to in place. So when you get the hit, replace the hardware through insurance and we put the data back in them, easy, job done. The business downtime is minimized. Think ahead NOW!

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